About Us

My name is Starkila Watkins and welcome to TrulyRude Boutique. My passion for fashion has been fueled for over a decade, now I am moving into the online space.

TrulyRude started from humble beginnings out of my trunk. When you're 20 not many people take you serious in the entrepreneur world, especially in fashion. Since I couldn't get my type of product in traditional stores and I couldn't afford a storefront yet, I worked with what I had. My sewing machine, my trunk, and a dream. 

I made clothes women would love, packed up my trunk, and displayed at the local strip clubs and bars. The women, and their men, loved my clothing. Slowly but surely my company grew from my trunk to my closet to my very own retail space. Now I'm growing to an online space. There is not much space for custom exotic wear and lingerie in the fashion industry. I feel like it's my job to add it into the conversation. 

TrulyRude offers plus size, exotic wear, dance shoes, and lingerie. All options come in plus size, wide foot, and wide calf. Something for EVERYONE. As an added bonus, if there's a piece you love or a concept you can't live without, a custom order can be placed. I am here for you.

Welcome again, I appreciate you.